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KTM Motorcycles

Our range of MX Bikes

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KTM has released 2019 SX range, KTM MX nothing hurts quite like second place. Thanks to the intense development work from the R&D departments in Mattighofen, Austria and the USA, along with a strong influence from the motorsports department has seen 8 world titles 1st GP victory 144 world championships. KTM is proud to present the new serial production range, which will be available globally from June onwards.

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Enduro just got more radical EXC 2019 - 100% New WHERES YOUR LIMIT
KTM is pleased to continue its quest for pure brilliance as the company sets the benchmark once again in the development of offroad motorcycles. Every single KTM showcases the PURITY of design and uncompromising function that defines the pure READY TO RACE mentality. This extreme mentality keeps us chasing success, always looking ahead, always wanting more. This commitment to living at extremes ensures every KTM is always READY TO RACE.
Our range of MX Bikes


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Every new ride on your KTM is an ADVENTURE waiting to be experienced - a dream that is yours to realize. The adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few ever answer its call. For those with the courage and vision to follow their sense of adventure, KTM is the perfect match. True adventurers, permanently challenging themselves, looking to new horizons for the next goal, destination or opponent to conquer. Spirited conflict is essential to sus out the truth—and the battle for the best all-around large displacement travel enduro motorcycle has just taken an intriguing turn that will certainly benefit moto-adventurers around the world with a near endless array of options and higher spec performance.

Our range of MX Bikes

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KTM street bikes include the popular Super Duke as well as the 690 Duke, 690 Duke R and 1190 RC8 R.
KTM street bikes like the Super Duke and Super Duke R are high-performance naked street bikes. The two are complemented by the supermotard 1190 RC8 R.